Vietnamese is a wonderful language of a beautiful country. By 2015, Vietnamese is one of the most popular languages in the world. This shows that there are many people who are interested in learning Vietnamese. Why? The following article will give you the answer.

1. One of the most popular language in the world

As the national language, Vietnamese is the main communication method of a country with 90 million people. Moreover, there are million Vietnamese people live around the world so it is one of the most popular languages in the world up to now. Although not as widely distributed as English, it does not reach the 1 billion mark as Chinese, but Vietnamese always shows its special and importance throughout the world.

Therefore, millions of people have chosen to learn Vietnamese and they are very happy with that choice. How about you?

2. Vietnamese is the most advanced script in the world

The Vietnamese language is now a phonetic system based on Latin letters and it adheres to the phonetic principle. It uses some borrowed symbols in the Latin alphabet system, with some additional diacritics for Vietnamese phonemes and tones. It is easy to learn, easy to write and can help learners easily learn.

Although people often speak Vietnamese is complicated and difficult to understand. However, when you really start learning Vietnamese, everything becomes very smooth. I think the hardest thing to learn Vietnamese is to pronounce correctly. And over time, this also becomes easy. Wow! Do you surprise?

3. Vietnamese is a polyphonic music

The most special thing in Vietnamese is that there are 5 additional signs to distinguish between words. They are acute, grave, question mark, tilde, dot. These 5 types are like the notes of a symphony, they make the Vietnamese more lively and easier to hear.

Instead of boring words are phrases that have a rhythm, a rhythm like a special music. Perhaps because of this reason, Vietnamese people are always happy and friendly with people around. Simply because they learn Vietnamese at a young age and use this lively language every day. And now, if you are going to learn Vietnamese, it is a signal that you will become a funny man with smile on your lips.

Top 5 reasons that why you should learn Vietnamese 2

4. Vietnamese – The language of the flexible

If you are not native in English, a difficult part in English might be to figure out how to make a noun out of a verb or an adjective out of a verb. In Vietnamese, everything is different and easier, a verb or a noun, they merge and float into each other, which generally means it’s a lot easier to understand and also easier to guess how to use. Sometime you can use a verb instead of a noun or opposite. Aha!

Vietnamese is so easy for you when start learning. Absolutely is that!

The flexibility in language is the best thing you will feel when you start learning Vietnamese. All things, phenomena can be expressed in different ways and use different phrases. On the other hand, a word can have many meanings and is used in many different situations. How wonderful is it?

5. Learn Vietnamese pronunciation – The most difficult but also the most interesting

For foreigners, the most difficult part of learning Vietnamese is to learn the correct pronunciation. Vietnamese is a type of language with tone. For people who speak English, French (the language is not tune), learning the Vietnamese tone is very difficult but even for Chinese speakers, Lao (the language has tones), the right speech Vietnamese tone is also not easy. The reason is that Vietnamese has 6 tones, while Chinese and Laos have only 4 bars and the tone of the tone is not equivalent. The tone is the most characteristic and important in Vietnamese!

But wait, why is it not easy but many people are interested in it? That is because it is very interesting. The special of the tone in Vietnamese is the thing that you cannot find out at anywhere else. Vietnam’s 4000 years of culture have crystallized into a unique language in the world. And now, our task is to learn and to transmit it extensively.


Vietnam is a beautiful country with many extremely landscape and culture. Vietnamese language is the most special language in the world. So if you are going to learn a foreign language, why don’t you start with Vietnamese?

Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s go on to learn Vietnamese right now. And you know what? is the best choice for all family. They have class for anybody of your family. Don’t worry about that! Just move on!

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